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A evening during the films by Pallidan mom and daughter opt to enjoy a film at…

A evening during the films by Pallidan mom and daughter opt to enjoy a film at…

per night during the films by Pallidan Mother and daughter opt to enjoy a film at a regional adult film theater, however they soon end up living it. (FF, exh, bd, mast, dental, anal, inc)

per night into the Dungeon by Will Rainer a great and fetishistic encounter from a dominant guy and female that is submissive. This tale could be the to begin what’s going to be a number of tales published on this website that explore taboos that are sexual fetishes. Reader feedback are far more than welcome. (Mdom/Fsub, bd, tor)

an of introduction and passion by randall a man is taken and becomes the object of a gangbang for men and dogs night. (MM beats/MM, nc, anal, bd, orgy)

a evening with heather by anon a few fool around with sexual dominance and bondage. (MF, d/s, bd)

A Persian Princess Falls by Sonya Esperanto an account about a lady that is persian in Germany whom turns into a head control servant to her German Neo Nazi old boyfriend. He makes her suffer for maybe not permitting him stick with her after being evicted from their own spot. (Mdom/F, nc, rp, dental, anal, tor, bd)

A Pet into the Attic by genderfluidfreak A teenage woman is kidnapped and discovers she likes being truly an animal. (M+/f teen, ped, nc, rp, v, first, bd, tor, ws)

A Pup known as Jessica by Jessica A weekend as their girl that is puppy leads to contentment and ecstasy. (M dom/F sub, reluc, dental, anal, ws, bd)

A Quiet sunday by Amanda be mindful what you wish for in your dreams as they possibly can often become a reality. a peaceful week-end for girls becomes a weekend of enjoyable and experiences that people did not expect but constantly secretly desired to experience. (MMF, reluc, dental, bd)

A Ride In the national country by Pet Shelly A Master takes their animal to meet a dream. (MMF, bdsm, beast)

A Rival’s Fall by Slave to Magick A Hermetic Mage catches a rival and force her to be their servant in revenge for her politically opposing him. exactly just What starts being an assault develop into a relationship that is special the 2. Fan fiction into the Mage the Ascension environment. (MF, nc, rp, anal, bd, v, tor, sci fi)

A Roman Experience by Prisoner I compose this now, ahead of the images fade during my memory. I’ve simply came back from the social gathering during the house of Marcus Vintorius. Marcus is considered the most man that is famous Rome today. Those that read these words at some time that is later perhaps maybe not understand this, and so I will require a few moments to spell out. (MM, nc, sm, voy, bd, tor, hist)

A Routine Enslavement by Falcon that is a fantasy of a future camsloveaholics.com/nudelive-review culture featuring indentured servitude and legalized slavery. It really is a tale of a person that has dedicated their life towards the company of enslaving insolvent feminine debtors, and a young woman that is professional struggles to prevent becoming their next target. (MMF, nc, rp, voy, bd, dream) Part 2 component 3 component 4 component 5

A Russian Ordeal In Mongolia by Helena Aranatovya of a Russian mom living together with her child in Mongolia needing to endure difficult financial times, is forced to prostitute by by herself never to only her landlord who this woman is in two months arrears of lease re re re payment but additionally towards the residents. (MMF, reluc, first, dental, anal, intr, bd) component 2

A Schoolgirl’s Discipline by Matt Benson Cindy Powers a fairly high schooler by having an adventurous nature is invest her spot whenever she functions up at a unique prep college. (MFmf/f teen, ped, d/s, inc, dental, anal, s/m, spank, exh, huml, bd)

a brief Tail by Kippy189 a woman that is young not to ever let her boyfriend connect her up. (MF, F/beast, nc, bd)

A Simple Black Arrange by Pallidan A black colored neighbor child has an agenda about how to turn their white next-door next-door neighbors to their slaves and proposes it to her mom. They set the program in movement. (FF, exh, dom, bd)